Camaro NFT Art Token

March 30th Drop

What is an NFT Art Token?

non-fungible token (NFT) is a non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a blockchain, a form of digital register. NFT data units come in many different forms such as photos, videos, and audio. Every token is uniquely identifiable and minted on Cryptocurrencies such as Solano and Ethereum.

What Style is the Camaro NFT Drop?

The Camaro NFT Drop is styled in the splatter art form which was made famous by Jackson Pollock. This technique creates paint splatter or paint splash art using brushes and other implements to flick, throw, or drip paint onto the paper, rather than brushing paint onto the surface.

When is the Camaro NFT Drop?

The drop is on March 30th 2022. The time is not publically available as the series will be randomly revealed at a specific time. Make sure to register for the NFT giveaway to be notified when they are released on Opensea.

What is the NFT Giveaway?

All registered emails will be put into a random selection, the winner will receive one of the limited 49 Camaro NFTs.

When is the pricing?

Pricing for the Camaro Drop will be revealed by email shortly and publically here before the drop. The goal is to price the NFTs at a reasonable price point to allow everyday collectors a chance to own.